MySQL Tips

In this section, we provide you with the advanced MySQL techniques and tips to help you solve the most difficult challenges in MySQL effectively.

Import CSV File Into MySQL Table

This tutorial shows you how to use LOAD DATA INFILE statement to import CSV file into MySQL table.

MySQL Export Table to CSV

In this tutorial, you will learn various techniques of how to export MySQL table to CSV file.

MySQL Natural Sorting with ORDER BY Clause

In this tutorial, you will learn about various natural sorting techniques in MySQL by using the ORDER BY clause.

MySQL row_number Emulation

In this tutorial, we will show you a useful tip that emulates the row_number function in MySQL.

MySQL Compare or Calculate Difference Between Successive Rows

In this tip, we will show you how to compare or to calculate the difference between successive rows by using INNER JOIN in MySQL

MySQL Select Random Records

Shows you various techniques to select random records from a database table.

Using MySQL Regular Expression

Shows you how to use MySQL regular expressions with the SELECT statement to query data based on complex patterns

Select the nth Highest Record in a Database Table

In this tutorial, you will learn how to the nth highest record in a database table using various techniques.

MySQL Reset Auto Increment Values

This tutorial shows you various ways to reset auto increment values of AUTO_INCREMENT columns in MySQL.

MySQL Compare Two Tables

This tutorial shows you how to compare two tables to find the unmatched records in MySQL.

Mapping NULL Values onto Other Values

You will learn how to map NULL values onto other values for a better data representation.

MySQL Copy Table

In this tutorial, you will learn how to copy data from one table into a new one by using CREATE TABLE and SELECT statements.